When you move into a newly built home, you expect it to be a smooth transition with no problems. Have you noticed any possible defects since you moved in? Even if you haven’t, there are good reasons why you should order a builder’s warranty inspection before it expires. 

Save Money in the Future with a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

One of the best reasons to have the builder’s warranty inspection completed is to save money. If you don’t know about issues the builder or subcontractors caused, you’ll be on the hook for fixing them after the warranty has expired. 

If you need to move into a larger home or relocate for work one day, then you’ll likely put your home on the market. Your buyer will order their own home inspection at that time. If defects are found, you will be pressured to either fix them before selling the house or lower the price of the home. Order a builder’s warranty inspection now so that you can file a warranty claim and have the builder pay for those repairs.

Don’t Rely on the Inspection That Was Completed Before You Moved In

Your home may have been inspected once construction was finished. However, new problems tend to show up within the first year of a home being lived in and exposed to the elements. A house’s materials will expand and contract with changes in temperature.

Problems that didn’t exist during the final inspection may now show up during the builder’s warranty inspection. For example, your garage door might be warping or an exterior door might not shut correctly because of shifts in the framing. 

Here are a few other issues commonly found during a warranty inspection:

  • Defective materials
  • Structural problems
  • Wiring hazards
  • Plumbing problems
  • Roofing issues

Shouldn’t the Code Inspector Have Found All the Issues?

Municipal inspectors are looking only for whether the builder adhered to all local codes. These codes make sure the house was built to a minimum standard. City inspectors aren’t looking into whether a worker cut through a structural beam when installing ducts in the attic. It’s not their job to examine your home as thoroughly as a professional home inspector. 

Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection and Gain Peace of Mind

Your last chance to order the builder’s warranty inspection is in the 11th month after move-in day. Completing the inspection at this time will give you a month to file a warranty claim before the warranty expires. You’ll gain peace of mind to have learned about and corrected any issues related to the original construction.

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