Everyone enjoys the benefits of modern home appliances, but when they break down unexpectedly, it is a major inconvenience. Knowing the lifespans of home appliances will help you prepare for replacing them.


Refrigerators have an average lifespan of 14 years. Their lifespan ranges from 10 to 18 years depending on the model and how well it’s maintained. Compact refrigerators have a shorter average lifespan of 8 years. Depending on the model and care, compact refrigerators can last from 4 to 12 years.

Microwaves Have Some of the Shortest Lifespans of Home Appliances

Microwaves last up to 7 years. If the microwave is used more frequently than average, it may only last 4 to 5 years. This depends on the family’s usage and upkeep of the unit. If you try to heat non-microwavable items, it could reduce the appliance’s lifespan or even cause a fire.

Lifespans of Home Appliances: Stoves

Gas ranges last about 15 years while electric stoves last 13 years. Stovetops can last 15-18 years, depending on the model, usage, and maintenance to keep them functional. Regular cleaning in between meals and repair maintenance as needed will help your stove to last its full expected lifespan.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Central air conditioners can operate for up to 17 years while window units can last for 10-25 years. If you are in an area with high temperatures and stormy conditions, your air conditioner may have a reduced lifespan because of wear and tear to the unit from the outside elements.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals last about 12 years with proper care and maintenance. Be sure to only dump certain food waste into the disposal. Some items, like bones, will clog garbage disposals and reduce the appliance’s lifespan. Also, be sure to clean the garbage disposal regularly.

Water Heaters

Water heaters can last between 8-12 years. If your water heater is approaching a decade old or starting to leak, it should be inspected and possibly replaced. It is important to have it inspected before replacing it, as it could be only a minor electrical issue.

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