A well-organized space is tidy and useful. When storage spaces are used efficiently, you’ll find you have more space overall. Often, our garages are not as neat and clean as we would like. Here are some useful tips and tricks to organize your garage.

Start to Organize Your Garage by Decluttering

Begin the project by getting rid of items you no longer use. Decluttering is a task that usually cannot be tackled in just one day. Set aside a weekend and enlist the help of family members. To declutter your space, sort belongings into three groups: things to keep, items to get rid of, and a trash pile for items that are broken or damaged. When you have determined what you will keep, you can begin organizing those items.

Sort Belongings Into Categories

After decluttering, the remaining items need to be put away. Organizing becomes easier if each item has a place. Group like items together. For example, holiday decorations should all be kept in the same place. Put gardening tools and supplies together. Car care products can be stored so they’re easy to find when needed. Your garage may require different categories like craft supplies, tools, sports equipment, outdoor toys, etc. After you have sorted the belongings, look for good storage solutions.

Organize Your Garage With Proper Storage

Decide which type of storage is best for each group of items. If you’re organizing woodworking tools, pegboard might be a great choice. It’s inexpensive and versatile, storing various objects easily and within view. Holiday decorations are only needed once a year. Use overhead storage for things you don’t need to access frequently. Craft supplies can be sorted in plastic boxes and stored on shelves. They will be easy to see and reach.

Labels Make Garage Storage Easy

As you put things away, take the time to label each bin, box, or basket. You and your family will know exactly where to return items when it’s time to put them away. Labels can be as simple as masking tape and marker or you can design and print your own for a uniform labeling system. Having a visual reminder will help every member of your family keep the garage organized.

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