If you think your sewer system might have a problem that needs to be fixed, you should schedule a sewer scope inspection. Even if there are no signs of trouble, it is still a good idea to schedule this service for preventive maintenance. Here are the benefits of this type of inspection.

What Happens During a Sewer Scope Inspection?

This type of service is a video inspection of your sewer line using a fiber-optic cable. Using a self-leveling head, your inspector snakes the cable down into the sewer pipe. While the cable moves through the line, a video camera shows the inside of the pipes. The video is recorded for later viewing so you and the inspector can discuss everything discovered during the inspection.

If anything looks wrong, then the location of the issue is pinpointed with a special device. Next, you need to bring in a plumber who specializes in working on sewer lines.

A Less Intrusive Inspection Process

Using a video scope is advantageous because it’s non-invasive and accurate. The inspection process is cost-effective and locates precisely where repairs are needed quickly and efficiently. It is usually charged as a one-time fee instead of an hourly cost.

A Sewer Scope Inspection Eliminates Guessing and Digging

The traditional method for discovering sewer problems involves digging small holes or large trenches. A sewer scope inspection takes away all the guessing and digging. You’ll find out exactly what repairs are needed inside your sewer pipes and won’t end up having to re-landscape your yard.

Locate Leaks Before They Create Big Problems

Schedule this type of inspection to stay ahead of potentially expensive repair jobs. There’s always the chance that a small leak has occurred somewhere within the sewer line. Left untreated, a small leak can turn into a large leak and cause major damage. Residential water damage is typically expensive to repair and can be devastating to your property.

Make a sewer scope inspection part of your regular home maintenance plan.

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