If you have a large outdoor deck or patio without much on it, you aren’t making the most of the area. Here are 4 ways to upgrade your outdoor living space to make it an extension of your home. With some improvements to your outdoor areas, you’ll find yourself spending more time enjoying your property.

Set up a Projector to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

Enjoy outdoor movie nights with a projector and a screen on your deck or patio. These two pieces of equipment will turn your backyard into a theater. Add some comfortable outdoor furniture with waterproof cushions, hammocks, and a table for your snacks and drinks.

Outdoor Kitchen

Most households have a grill, but wouldn’t it be nice to prepare a meal from start to finish in an outdoor kitchen? Add countertops, a sink, and a mini-fridge to your outdoor living space. Build a countertop around your grill and, if possible, hook it up to a natural gas line. Build a roof over the outdoor kitchen to protect the equipment.

Add a Fire Pit

You’ll want to spend more time outdoors throughout the year when you have a place for a warm fire outside. This can be as simple as an above-ground fire pit bought from a home improvement store, or an in-ground fire pit that you have dug and placed cement pavers around. If you want to get fancy, add a stone fireplace with a chimney to your patio.

Make a Path

If you have a wooded yard, one unique idea for outdoor living spaces is to clear out a path to a hidden hangout spot. This could be a gazebo, treehouse, or tiki hut. Line the path with solar-powered stake lights and hang solar string lights in the trees so people can walk safely down it at night. You’ll love having a secret getaway right on your property.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with a Hot Tub

With a hot tub as part of your outdoor living space, you might find yourself spending more time outside in winter than in summer. While hot tubs do take some maintenance, they are less work than a swimming pool. During summer, you can turn the temperature down and cool off in your backyard oasis.

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